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ust browsing feel free to leave a comment, & please help spread the word to others that may need more information or support.  If you’d like to be involved with any of our #LiveWithGuts community projects, fundraising events, via online community or sponsorship opportunities, or just wanna follow: FB & IG @LiveWithGuts1 or contact us via Email:♦ ♦ is a space designed to educate, support, and become inspired to “LIVE WITH GUTS”, by bringing awareness to various Autoimmune Diseases & Chronic Illness through our #LiveWithGuts AutoImmune Disease Foundation.  We strive to provide better Autoimmune Awareness for the community & online world as a whole, and push to empower other Warriors to LIVE WITH GUTS!

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~ I’ll be posting in the next several months, when we’ll be hosting a community informational for those individuals who’d like to attend & become involved with the #LiveWithGuts Autoimmune Disease Foundation, in person & online. Keep u all posted! In the meantime visit our #ETSY page to help support Autoimmune Awareness and a portion of every sale made goes towards our Autoimmune Warrior Scholarship Fund!    



♦ Welcome to LiveWithGuts… 

I’ve decided to write this blog & share some of my own personal battles with AutoImmune Diseases, and to provide a place to help others who’ve been diagnosed and fighting everyday to “LiveWithGuts”†.  Fifty million American’s are suffering from one or more AutoImmune Diseases and living with Chronic Illness on a daily.

This space, #LiveWithGuts is an open blog, shedding some light from my own struggle with these confusing illnesses, my many trial & error’s needed in order to discover what works for these types of diseases.  But most importantly, I wanted to provide a place where people living with AutoImmune Diseases can join together to educate our community about these conditions, support & encourage each other, and just a space where people can LIVE WITH GUTS!

 This is where #LiveWithGuts AutoImmune Disease Foundation comes into play and provides resources, support, inspiration, and encouragement for others living with AutoImmune Diseases.  We look forward to partnering with many local & national organizations to raise awareness and community involvement regarding AutoImmune Disease.  Founded in 2016 by Mindy A. Sullivan #LiveWithGuts AutoImmune Disease Foundation © , which started out as a passion project, turned into a motivational autoimmune blog, and foundation for change.  Inspiring people all around the world to fight Autoimmune Diseases and become proactive to take control of your health.

* To all my #AutoImmuneWarrior’s, that might be going through similar situations, I encourage you to keep up the fight, raise awareness, lift up others that may be struggling in silence and remember to “LiveWithGuts”!!!! ♥ Let’s help bring awareness to autoimmune diseases’, to remember to never lose faith, and to keep in mind that there’s always someone else out there that has it 10x’s worse.  This blog also highlights things that I enjoy, hobbies, passions, & personal experiences with various illnesses’ through out the years.  I hope you #LiveWithGuts & follow me on Instagram & Facebook: @LiveWithGuts1 & SUBSCRIBE to our Page!  This space is intended to help those people newly diagnosed, to those at that point where you’re done with conventional medicine all together and need something outside the box, I’m here to offer my experiences, my been there…done that, my hard knock life as a patient! LOL 😉

  • HASHTAG YOUR WARRIOR PICS: #LiveWithGuts : I would ♥ to see other people “Live With Guts” by any means possible, whether it be living out your dream, crossing off things from your bucket list, or just fighting the day by day struggles of life & chronic illness.

Don’t forget to hashtag your Warrior pictures #LiveWithGuts or send me your Pic’s to  (I’ll try & select a pic every month to showcase on our pg). THANK YOU IN ADVANCE ♥♥♥

Contact Us: If Your Interested in Collaborating, Branding, Fundraising, Awareness Info, Questions, or Would like to Donate towards #LiveWithGuts Autoimmune Disease Foundation.  We are a non-profit organization, a public benefit corporation, all process go back into raising awareness & foundation services for community involvement, scholarships, & education.
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